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5 Steps to Getting Started: Shipllama e-Forwarding

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What is ‘e-Forwarding’? e-Forwarding provides Canadian shoppers with the freedom to buy from any online US Retailer – including those who don’t ship to Canada! Just use Shipllama’s US address and we will get your order to you. Check out our e-Forwarding video to see the process!


To get started with Shipllama e-Forwarding, follow these steps!


1. Place your order with a US online retailer

Have you been eyeing a new bikini, pair of shoes, or the perfect sweater for what seems like forever? We’re here to help! You no longer have to wonder about ‘what could have been’ or reminisce about the purchase that got away – simply place an order with any US online retailer, and we’ll get that order to you. How? Read on!


2. At checkout, use Shipllama’s US shipping address

We’ll give you our address to use at checkout. Just include your name, and, if possible, list ‘Shipllama’ as the company, and fill in the shipping information with the address we provide you. Your purchase will come to us, and from there, we’ll get your purchase to you!

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Best & Worst Things to Buy in May

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Star Wars products aren’t the only thing you should be stocking up on now in May (you know – ‘May the Fourth be with you’ and all that?), there are also a large variety of clothing, electronics, and homeware to consider investing in this month, too. Not everything is a bargain in May, however. There are also some products that could save you money if you hold off on your online shopping until the coming months. Check out our list of best and worst buys for the month of May, below, and don’t forget Shipllama provides cheap (try to avoid the word cheap, how about low-cost?) cross-border shipping and inexpensive shipping within Canada for all of your online shopping needs!




1. Spring Apparel

With summer right around the corner, now is your best time to get spring apparel at a discounted price! Don’t worry if some of your favourite stores don’t provide Canadian shipping either, because we’ve got you covered in that department! Browse some of your favourite American online shopping spots and use our e-Forwarding shipping to get the package shipped right to your Canadian address!


2. Televisions

Because the Japanese fiscal year ends in March, many of our favourite products manufactured in Japan go on sale this time of year to make room for new stock, including televisions! Check out and Target for some of our favourite deals.

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