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We’re Partnering with Penguin Pick-Up!

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shipllama illustration_penguin pickup

We know that waiting for your online purchases to arrive at your doorstep is just like waiting to open all your presents on Christmas morning. As life happens, we can’t all sit by our door 24/7 to wait for our package to come in. So what happens to your package when you’re not available to receive it?


At Shipllama, we are constantly working to improve our service offerings to make the lives of our customers as easy as possible. We want our customers to know their packages are always safe and secure even when they are not home to receive their shipment. We are happy to announce that we have partnered with Canadian company, Penguin Pick-Up to compliment our services to you!


Who is Penguin Pick-Up?

We’re glad you asked! Penguin Pick-Up gives you the option to pick up your online purchases from a convenient pick-up centre so you don’t have to worry about your packages when it’s delivered to your home when you’re away on vacation, at work, or running errands. You don’t even have to leave your car! Penguin Pick-Up offers a drive-up service that allows you to get your package without ever stepping foot inside the location.


So, how will this partnership work with Shipllama?

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6 Ways to Shop Unique Swimwear That’s Not Available in Canada

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6 Ways to Shop Unique Swimwear That's Not Available in Canada

Beach season has finally arrived! At least for those of us north of the border! With a new beach season comes a perfectly acceptable reason to purchase a new bikini! Am I right?? One thing that always irritates me when I get my bikini shop on is the lack of colourful and unique options we have in Canada in terms of swimwear. Thankfully, I’ve honed my online shopping skills and found a few favourite go-to sites for bikini season!

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How Not to Get Caught Twinning At The Gym

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The health and wellness industry is at an all-time high, with people becoming more health conscious and aware of the positive benefits of exercise, the dangers of GMO foods, and developing an interest in alternative therapies. With an increase in health and fitness, comes an increase in gym memberships, and if there’s one thing that’s worse than watching someone leave a machine without wiping it down, it’s showing up wearing the exact same outfit as another fitness buff.


To save you the stress, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite fitness apparel stores that offer unique gym attire so you can avoid twinning at the gym this summer!

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3 Ways to Determine Which Shipping Option to Use

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I don’t know about you, but I do the majority of my shopping online. There is nothing worse than finding an amazing deal, a great pair of shoes, or the perfect present for a loved one and then being confronted with an outrageous shipping fee at the time of checkout. So unfair! Am I right?? I mean, is it really my fault that I’m a Canadian consumer shopping online and just happen to find an amazing deal from a U.S. retailer who doesn’t ship to Canada? Or maybe they do ship to Canada, but they want my first born child in order for me to get the product I’m swooning over? Thankfully, Shipllama has a great alternative for those of us north of the border that won’t break the bank!


Let’s have a look at your options:

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7 Essentials for 2015 Summer Festivals

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What summer festivals are you planning on attending this year? Chances are no matter if it’s one involving food, culture, or music, your outfit is something you’re already putting a lot of thought into. Festivals can range anywhere from a day to a couple of weeks, so it’s important to ensure you have all of your essentials lined up ahead of time.


Here are our 7 essentials for this year’s summer festivals!

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How To Fill Out An Item Description On Shipllama

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You’ve found your item from a US retailer and made the best possible choice in selecting Shipllama’s e-Forwarding service to ship your package to Canada (we might be slightly biased). But then, you stumble upon what appears to be a terrifying submission form filled with empty boxes, drop down menus, and strange words, and suddenly you’re flustered like that time you didn’t study for your grade 12 calculus exam!


Filling out the description of your purchase item on Shipllama might seem intimidating, but we promise it’s totally easy!


We understand that you may not know some of the information when placing your order, and that’s completely okay. Here are some tips to make filling out the Item Description form a piece of cake:


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3 Pieces to Transform Your Summer Office Wardrobe

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3 Pieces Office Outfit

The warm weather appears to be here to stay, so it’s safe to start breaking out your summer wardrobe, yes, that includes clothes for the office! A new season always brings the desire to update your wardrobe with new trendy pieces, but we’ll save you some effort and money with the three pieces needed to transform your summer office wardrobe so it feels brand new.


1. Statement Necklace

Statement necklaces can transform your outfit so it looks different each time you wear it. We love this gorgeous bauble necklace (left) from Macy’s, and this floral necklace (right) from Kohl’s screams ‘summer’!

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