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Back-to-School Shopping Steals

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It may not feel like much time has passed since your children finished up their last days of school for the summer, but the reality is, school is only a month away! That means you’ve only got a month left to do all of your necessary back-to-school shopping, which is actually pretty awesome for you, because there are some great back to school deals on right now. Check out some of our best finds, here: Read More

6 Summer Essentials for Men

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6 Summer Mens Essentials

I’ve discovered over the years since dating my boyfriend, that the wardrobe of the average guy is somewhat limited. It’s typically a range of plaid or plain short and long-sleeved shirts, a pair or two of jeans, and if you’re lucky, the occasional v-neck. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just something that I, as a self-proclaimed shopaholic, cannot personally relate to. When I asked my boyfriend why his wardrobe hasn’t evolved, his response was kind of eye-opening. He doesn’t follow fashion, so he wears what he likes, and what he likes, hasn’t changed. Upon hearing this, I figured he can’t be the only grown man to think this way, so I figured I’d offer a helping hand to help evolve your summer wardrobe with a few staple pieces. I promise I’m going to make this as painless as possible! Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Sweet Deals Online

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How does someone get pro at online shopping? It’s not like it’s a sport or something that requires great skill.


You’re right, sort of. Pretty much anyone can shop online, but it takes a bit more effort to shop online and know where to look for the best deals. Online deals are often much better than in-store, so switching up your shopping routine to include the occasional online purchase might actually end up saving you some money in the long run! Here are some tips for finding the best deals online, from a self-proclaimed online shopaholic herself. Read More