Best Things to Buy in September


September is a great time for big-ticket item purchases thanks to the overlap in Labor Day, summer clearance, and back-to-school deals. While you might be saddened that the end of summer is arriving much too soon, you can be rest assured knowing that any retail therapy you partake in will surely make up for it!


iPhones & iPads
Thanks to Apple’s iconic fall keynote and the launch of a new iPad and two new iPhones, there will surely be sales that discount the previous generation iPad and iPhone. Apple will shave $100 off the cost of an iPhone 6 and in the coming weeks, retailers of Apple products are expected to offer iPhone 6 deals with prices around $50 with a 2-year contract.


With the release of a new iPad, the iPad Air 2 will also be seeing some largely discounted prices in the coming weeks.



As the summer draws to an end, grills and other BBQ-related accessories will be on sale. Sears and Target will be offering 25%-60% off a variety of propane and gas grills. Stay tuned for deals on grilling utensils from the aforementioned retailers as well as prices on grilling accessories were slashed by 75% last year.



Looking for a new laptop? Take advantage of back-to-school deals which typically drop the prices of laptops by an extra 8%-25% in September. The Microsoft Store will likely offer the best deals on Windows laptops, whereas the Apple Store will offer the best on iMacs and Macbooks.



32” TVs
Last year, 32” hit a low of $162 and are expected to drop significantly under $160 this year. Looking for something bigger than a 32”? Deals on larger TVs aren’t typically seen until Black Friday in November.



Did you find a September deal you just can’t refuse, but the US retailer doesn’t ship to Canada?


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