Cross-Border Shipping

How Shipllama works in 3 easy steps!

Open-Sign-1281. Open a Free Smart Shipper Account

Register to use our US shipping address for your US e-commerce purchases.

Cart2. Make Your Online Purchase

Place your order at your US e-commerce site – using your Shipllama address. You’ll now have the confidence to purchase knowing how much it will cost to get to your door.

Like3. Enter Your Order Details on Shipllama

Enter your e-commerce order details into your Shipllama account. Once we receive your order at our US Centre, we verify the contents according to your order details and prepare all the paperwork necessary to cross the border into Canada.

Top 5 most common frustrations

Canadians have with online shopping in the USA are eliminated with Shipllama:

I found what I want but they don’t ship to Canada

Many sites can’t or won’t ship to Canada either because it’s a huge hassle or too expensive or both. With Shipllama, simply place your order using your FREE US Shipllama address. Once we receive it, we ship it directly to you in Canada.

It’s so expensive to ship to Canada

Most US sites offer free shipping if you purchase a minimum amount – some as little as $25. But not to Canada. Shipping internationally raises the fees significantly and you’re paying those fees in US dollars. Take advantage of the merchants’ free shipping by using your FREE Shipllama US address instead. Then, Shipllama’s discounted cross-border delivery takes care of the rest. Problem solved.

I totally forgot about the duties, taxes and brokerage fees – OUCH!

The courier shows up at your door with your order and then tells you that you owe $137.18 for duties, taxes and brokerage fees. You say “WHAT? The stuff in the box was only $125.” If only you knew what the true cost was of getting that package to you. Well, with Shipllama you do – even before you place your online order. We can’t do much about the duties and taxes, they just are what they are – but at least you’ll know how much they are. We consolidate all our cross-border shipments every day to keep our costs to a minimum and then we pass those savings on to you. Smart.

They don’t accept Canadian credit cards – Seriously?

Depending on the sophistication of the merchant’s e-commerce system and their fraud protection policies, many sites will not allow an address to be verified unless it’s in the USA. So here’s a tip, both TD and RBC offer cross-border Visa/Debit cards that you can use for online purchases. You’ll also want use a US address on your account for address verification purposes for your online purchases. If you don’t have one, use your free Shipllama address, and to avoid getting any of your credit card or banking mail sent to us, opt to go paperless with online statements and email only. As well, ask about our concierge service where we take care of the entire purchase process for you. (coming soon)

My credit card charges me 2.5% for US purchases

It’s called a foreign transaction fee and it’s what most credit card companies charge you (on top of the exchange rate) for making purchases in another country/currency. Relax, you have some options. Currently, Chase offers the Rewards Visa Card and the Marriott Rewards Visa Card – neither of them charge the foreign transaction fee. Also, the new Rogers Bank Platinum Mastercard boasts no foreign transaction fees. Bonus, all cards mentioned here also have from 1% to 2% cash back. Let’s save some money.

Watch our SMART SHIPPER movie to see the process.

As a Canadian online shopper, are you tired of filling up your shopping cart only to see ‘Shipping to US Only’ or super high shipping fees to Canada at Checkout?

With Shipllama, you can order merchandise from any US company. We are the discount shipper of choice for cross-border shoppers and we take care of all the customs, taxes and brokerage for you with one simple upfront and transparent fee.