Domestic Shipping

Shipping within Canada
with Shipllama saves you time and money

We ship a lot so we have volume discounts with all the major courier companies Purolator, Canada Post and FedEx. We created Shipllama to allow you to take full advantage of our purchasing power and so you can compare all the different discounted shipping options of your package all on one page. You’ll love the savings. You’ll love the convenience.

In addition to the to and from addresses, to get an accurate quote you’ll need just a few things:

1.) The approximate weight of your package

2.) the height, width and length of your package.

You don’t need to have a FREE Shipllama account in order to get a quote but you will if you want to actually ship. By entering your preferred addresses and payment method during your registration, you’ll save a lot of time on future shipments too.


Here’s how it works:


Enter your Shipping details

Enter your package details

Select carrier and price

Confirm it

Some examples of how you can save: