Online Shopping On Your 9 to 5


Working a typical 9-5 job definitely has its ups and downs. I love knowing that my hours are never-changing so I can plan around them and I love having weekends to myself. The down side of a 9-5 though? I find that I tend to get distracted while working in front of a computer for the majority of the day. This means I occasionally end up checking my Facebook and, if the right promotional email crosses my inbox, there’s a good chance you might even find me online shopping. I know I’m not the only one guilty of this! As a diligent 9-5er and proud shopaholic, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks along the way that has helped to keep my 9-5 life and shopping habit, doable. Hopefully it helps you, too!


e-Forwarding Services

So a great online deal has crossed your desk, but the retailer is in the US? Not a problem. Whether or not the US retailer ships to Canada, there are a variety of services to help bring your purchase from the US to Canada affordably. Enter: Shipllama e-Forwarding services. Let’s run through the steps, just to show you how easy using an e-Forwarding service really is.


  1. At checkout, use Shipllama’s address in the ‘Ship To’ section.
  2. Let Shipllama know your package is on its way.
  3. Once your package arrives at Shipllama, approve the shipping costs (which include shipping, handling, duties, and import fees).
  4. Wait for your package to arrive!


You can read a detailed outline of Shipllama’s e-Forwarding services, here. See? Easy as pie! You no longer have to stress or wonder about the possible hidden fees that will greet you upon delivery. What’s even better? No more fantasizing about the pair of shoes that “got away” because the retailer doesn’t ship to Canada.



Penguin Pick-Up

So you’re doing your online shopping over lunch at work, you place your order using Shipllama’s e-Forwarding service, and now you realize that you likely won’t be able to make it home before your post office closes to pick up your package. The thought of having your package sitting on the front porch is also not ideal. So what can you do?!


No need to panic – We’ve got the perfect solution; Penguin Pick-Up! You no longer have to worry about your package getting soaked in an unexpected downpour, or picked up off your front step by someone walking by. Shipllama has partnered with Penguin Pick-Up to ensure your package gets to you safe and sound. Simply select your preferred Penguin Pick-Up address (this would be the Ship To address) to let us know which location you’d like to retrieve your parcel from, and you’ll receive a notification when it arrives. It’s that simple! Learn more about the benefits of Penguin Pick-Up, here.

Being a shopaholic while working a 9-5 has never been easier. Just place your order using Shipllama and have your parcel shipped right to your nearest Penguin Pick-Up location so you can pick it up on your way home from work! Questions? Leave us a comment below. Happy online shopping!

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