The Ultimate Guide to Finding Sweet Deals Online

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How does someone get pro at online shopping? It’s not like it’s a sport or something that requires great skill.


You’re right, sort of. Pretty much anyone can shop online, but it takes a bit more effort to shop online and know where to look for the best deals. Online deals are often much better than in-store, so switching up your shopping routine to include the occasional online purchase might actually end up saving you some money in the long run! Here are some tips for finding the best deals online, from a self-proclaimed online shopaholic herself. Read More

How to Make Easy Returns for U.S. Online Purchases

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Let’s admit it – when online shopping is so simple it can get quite addictive. Sound familiar?? Or maybe that’s not the case. What if you’re not a huge fan of the purchase that has arrived or you didn’t really need those shorts in every colour? Naturally, you would likely return the product but sometimes its too complicated and annoying that you end up keeping it anyway.


For our Canadian friends looking for an easy way to return your U.S. online purchases – Shipllama e-Returns is here! Read More

7 Summer Must-Haves

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7 Summer Must Haves

School is out, the weather is finally warm enough for late night bonfires, cottage rentals, and beach attire. Summer is here! There are few things we love more than the transition from frigid Canadian winters to heated summer nights, and, as with any transition, there’s a completely justifiable need for a few new staples in your wardrobe. You know, so you’re not wearing a sweater dress and leggings at all of the summer festivals you’ll be attending.

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4 New Handy-Dandy Gadgets for Gardening

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Gardening Tools

My boyfriend purchased and moved into his house approximately 5 years ago. He was 21, single, and frankly just did not understand that flowerbeds, bushes and hedges don’t maintain themselves. His home was his bachelor pad, a place of quiet at the end of a hectic day, and the last thing he wanted after working a 13 hour, physically demanding day was to plant flowers, edge the gardens, or trim up the shrubs. So, the gardens grew, they overgrew, and they continued to become completely overgrown with weeds and unidentifiable plants.


It’s 5 years later now, I have finally taken the plunge and moved in, and have slowly been turning his bachelor pad into our home. With the majority of the interior done, I set my sites on the exterior of the house. After contemplating for months about where to start, I decided that the job was too overwhelming for me, so we hired a landscaper to come in, rip out the weeds and overgrown bushes, trim the odd bush that was worthy of saving, and prep the garden beds for a new life. It took a lot of work, but the job is done, and the gardens are empty and waiting!


I’ve been planning for this moment for years, so I got my Pinterest board together and started planning my gardens. Who would’ve known there were SO many resources and gadgets out there to aid in my gardening adventure!? Here are my top 4 favourites from my recent research: Read More

4 Things Canadians Didn’t Know About Shipllama

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shipllama illustrationfinalfinal-05

We’re always surprised to learn what some people do or do not know about us, so we figured it was about time we got acquainted! After all, we love you, you love us, it only seems fair that we get to know each other on a deeper level, no?


First on the list of things you didn’t know about Shipllama…


Our parent company is BILSI which means we’re a Canadian company! How cool is that? You’re Canadian – we’re Canadian…we have so much in common already! Since we are a Canadian company, we are very experienced in the Canadian domain and processing shipments across the US border to Canada in a seamless manner. Need help? No probllama, eh! Our support team is here in Canada too. Here’s your opportunity to get great deals, maximize your convenience, and shop online, all while supporting a Canadian company. It sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it?


The next thing you didn’t know about us here at Shipllama?

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We’re Partnering with Penguin Pick-Up!

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shipllama illustration_penguin pickup

We know that waiting for your online purchases to arrive at your doorstep is just like waiting to open all your presents on Christmas morning. As life happens, we can’t all sit by our door 24/7 to wait for our package to come in. So what happens to your package when you’re not available to receive it?


At Shipllama, we are constantly working to improve our service offerings to make the lives of our customers as easy as possible. We want our customers to know their packages are always safe and secure even when they are not home to receive their shipment. We are happy to announce that we have partnered with Canadian company, Penguin Pick-Up to compliment our services to you!


Who is Penguin Pick-Up?

We’re glad you asked! Penguin Pick-Up gives you the option to pick up your online purchases from a convenient pick-up centre so you don’t have to worry about your packages when it’s delivered to your home when you’re away on vacation, at work, or running errands. You don’t even have to leave your car! Penguin Pick-Up offers a drive-up service that allows you to get your package without ever stepping foot inside the location.


So, how will this partnership work with Shipllama?

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6 Ways to Shop Unique Swimwear That’s Not Available in Canada

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6 Ways to Shop Unique Swimwear That's Not Available in Canada

Beach season has finally arrived! At least for those of us north of the border! With a new beach season comes a perfectly acceptable reason to purchase a new bikini! Am I right?? One thing that always irritates me when I get my bikini shop on is the lack of colourful and unique options we have in Canada in terms of swimwear. Thankfully, I’ve honed my online shopping skills and found a few favourite go-to sites for bikini season!

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How Not to Get Caught Twinning At The Gym

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The health and wellness industry is at an all-time high, with people becoming more health conscious and aware of the positive benefits of exercise, the dangers of GMO foods, and developing an interest in alternative therapies. With an increase in health and fitness, comes an increase in gym memberships, and if there’s one thing that’s worse than watching someone leave a machine without wiping it down, it’s showing up wearing the exact same outfit as another fitness buff.


To save you the stress, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite fitness apparel stores that offer unique gym attire so you can avoid twinning at the gym this summer!

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